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Our team of trained and licensed adjusters administer claims for:
• Workers Compensation
• Auto Liability
• Physical Damage
• General Liability
• Motor Freight Cargo

Loss Control Services
Our Safety Management Services team applies a management approach to help our clients develop the culture, process, and metrics required to create world-class safety programs that endure. Better safety results are no accident.

Nurse Case Management
We believe case management is a collaborative process & the integration of our services directly with CBCS maintains case momentum and guarantees a consistent strategy throughout the continuum of care. All of our professional staff are bound by the standards and ethics of the certification they hold as a Certified Case Manager.

Safety Management Services
Our team delivers first class programs that identify, mitigate, and prevent risk. We believe that all accidents can be prevented. Our consultants employ a systematic process to change a clients’ safety culture – blending safety with productivity in a lean environment. Our safety services include:

• Safety Assessment & Benchmarking
• Employee Risk Evaluation
• Risk Improvement Programs
• Safety Resources Portal
• Management Training Programs
• Workshops, Seminars, and Surveys
• Mock Compliance Audits

• Transportation
• Construction
• Manufacturing
• Food & Beverage
• Distribution

Per Minnesota regulations, please see below for pertinent electronic billing information for Cottingham & Butler claims:

• Electronic claims should be submitted to WorkCompEDI. The Cottingham and Butler primary payer ID is LS253. The sub-payer ID is WF096.

• When submitting a medical bill electronically, please include the claim number for reference and payment.

For additional information regarding the claim number for a workers’ compensation patient, please contact Cottingham and Butler at (877) 241-6121, or via email at cbcs@cbcsclaims.com.

For additional information regarding submission of electronic bills, please contact WorkCompEDI or Equian. WorkCompEDI can be reached at (800) 297-6909. Equian’s contact for electronic billing is Melissa Payne, Client Services Manager, (334) 290-4752, or mpayne@equian.com.

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