Investigative Claim Strategies to Protect Your Bottom Line

Updated: 4 days ago

No one wants a claim to happen, but when the inevitable does, prompt reporting is critical to helping you recover your losses quickly and efficiently. Swift notification allows your claims professionals the opportunity to begin a thorough and aggressive investigation to evaluate the accuracy and legitimacy of the claim and to help avoid significant and unnecessary costs. History proves that a timely investigation and quick response has a positive impact on the overall length of the claim and can meaningfully reduce the overall settlement.

Your claims partner should proactively be utilizing aggressive claims investigation to help protect your bottom line. Once a claim is promptly reported, an investigation should commence immediately, including reviewing documents, obtaining claimant and witness statements, locating a police report when necessary, conducting appraisals, and collecting photos and video.

It should be noted that there is a vast difference in investigative strategies used by claims management companies. At CBCS, we believe an aggressive investigation is the only way to help our clients achieve faster settlements or denials and drive long-term, positive claims outcomes. Just because you report a claim doesn’t mean you admit fault – our adjusters serve as true client advocates and thoroughly conduct investigations to ensure the best possible results.

Download the top investigative strategies to help protect you bottom line here.

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