Recipe for Success — The Dedicated Adjuster Model

In 2019, the ten highest verdicts totaled over $662 million. It should be mentioned - that was just in Texas. The risk to your business continues to grow as we witness the national trend for nuclear jury verdicts, increased medical costs, and claim settlements. It is increasingly important to have confidence that your adjusting team is handling your claims proactively and aggressively, whether it is a damaged light pole or a catastrophic multiple vehicle accident (and everything in between).

Is your adjuster advising you on your exposure and the costs moving forward and recommending a plan of action? Are all of the steps being taken to mitigate the loss effectively and protecting your interests?

Navigating this new dangerous environment starts and ends with your adjuster. At CBCS, we are constantly investing in our team’s skill set. We provide our staff with frequent educational opportunities on industry trends and regulations. The development of our adjusters includes attending weekly roundtable sessions and participation in major case unit (MCU) reviews.

CBCS operates on a dedicated adjuster model - the assigned adjuster will handle your client’s claims from start to finish no matter the complexity. The result is unparalleled client retention and claim outcomes.

Success is possible through aggressive and thorough claim handling. For over 25 years, we have developed a network of the best investigators, attorneys and experts in the industry. Have confidence that your adjuster is taking the lead from the moment the accident happens to the time the claim gets to the finish line, all while keeping you informed and engaged. Our objective at CBCS has always remained the same. Provide transparent claim services with highly trained dedicated adjusters that strive to become better every day. It all starts with your adjuster and extends to our nationwide directory of the industry’s preeminent professionals.

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